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1 Win the NV150 Harley-Davidson | Nevada 150th Year Sesquicentennial

Win the NV150 Harley-Davidson


Win this Custom Harley made by Las Vegas Harley-Davidson!

A custom Nevada Sesquicentennial-themed motorcycle celebrating the state’s 150th anniversary was revealed as part of the Las Vegas Harley-Davidson® ground breaking event on the Las Vegas Strip, along with details on how one lucky rider will win it at the store’s grand opening.

Harley-Davidson® enthusiasts have the opportunity to win the Nevada Sesquicentennial-themed motorcycle, the only design of its kind ever created. Those hoping to take the bike home will be able to purchase raffle tickets benefiting Nevada 150 Foundation, Inc. The winner will be selected at Las Vegas Harley-Davidson®’s grand opening on the Las Vegas Strip this fall. Prior to the store’s opening, the bike will make appearances throughout the year at events and activities honoring Nevada’s Sesquicentennial celebration.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to enter to win the Harley, click here!