Victoria Maged, 11th Grade, Bishop Manogue Catholic High School, Reno

All for Our Country

Many people like to say that Nevada is a small state with not a lot of activities for them to pursue. However, others stand strong with Nevada because “Home means Nevada to [us]” and it is “The loveliest place [we] know” as stated in the state song. The inhabitants of this state are proud to be able to live in a place filled with beautiful animals, nature, and people who are welcoming and kind to one another. Where does this pride originate from? This strong sense of home is clearly stated in the state seal. Right at the bottom of the seal, it reads “All for Our Country.” This is unmistakably the source of confidence and pride in the citizens. The state of Nevada had to go through many processes to become a state and get a seal with a great motto, which acts as a foundation for improving the nation.

Nevada has a very interesting background when it comes to its acceptance into the United States of America and the formation of the state seal. It is the thirty-sixth state, which came into the U.S. on October 31, 1864 (“When It Comes…”). Because of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln thought he would not be re-elected as president; therefore, he wanted to make Nevada a state, so he could win the electoral votes. However, he was re-elected and Nevada was still granted statehood (“When It Comes…”). In 1866, the state’s motto was altered to “All for Our Country” from “Willing and Able.” Unfortunately, there aren’t any writings that discuss the exact reasons the Founding Fathers chose this motto. Jeff Kintop, the Nevada state archivist, stated that the message of the motto was that “The Union Must and Shall be Preserved” (“When It Comes…”). Nevada is the state that is clearly devoted to America and will do anything to support the country’s well-being and growth. The citizens work hard to make Nevada better, which in turn makes the country better able to handle domestic affairs and aid other nations with their difficulties.

By following the state motto, Nevada can provide support and encourage the nation to become better. For example, Governor Sandoval intelligently signed the bill to pass the Tesla project in Nevada. This project will help increase employment and limit poverty. One study said that “Tesla put the $5 billion battery plant east of Reno, which will allow 6,500 people to be employed by 2018” (“Governor Signs…”). In addition, another study showed that Tesla may be able to make about “$1.95 billion in direct and indirect tax revenues to state and local governments in Nevada over 20 years” (“Governor Signs…”). By increasing Nevada’s economy and decreasing unemployment, Governor Sandoval is helping to strengthen the economy as a whole. Nevada’s strong leadership with Governor Sandoval and his correct decisions in incorporating the right economic plans to strengthen the future of Nevada acts as a bright example for other state legislatures to pass bills that will support the nation. Furthermore, the base of Nevada’s economy is tourism and gambling (“Reno Attractions…”). Because of the casinos and many fun events, this state has a booming economy. Nevada’s air races, rodeo, hot august nights, and rib cook off generates a large revenue for the state (“Reno Attractions…”). This money is then used for improving our roads and schools. A strong nation means a sense of security for more people in America.

Not only is Nevada increasing its economy, but it is focusing more on public education. Our government understands the importance on education for both current and future generations to come. Public education is a huge necessity for young kids and even adults because it produces more intelligent people that understand their rights and duties as citizens of the United States of America. Without education, the people would not be able to comprehend politics and all the acts passed by government (“Top 15…”). After all, the government is for the people and run by the people. If the people have no idea what is happening, then they can’t do their job of making sure that the government is working for the common good. Nevada is trying its best to make sure all children will be able to get some form of education, which is especially seen through government funded public schools (“Top 15…”). As a result, more people can graduate and become leaders. This leadership can lead to wonderful careers that will help Nevada grow and flourish. As a result, the nation will also be able to develop more successfully.

Nevada and its citizens are working hard to make a better place for people to live in. If everyone in America works together by fixing the problems at home, then the United States will grow stronger. Our country can be equipped with the tools needed to improve not only local issues, but help other countries with some of their problems. We can only stand united by working together, and we can only be victorious by being united.


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