Vanessa Hernandez, 8th Grade, Swainston Middle School, North Las Vegas

Nevada State Motto-“All for Our Country”

“All for Our Country” is Nevada’s unique motto expressing that they would do anything to serve their country. Nevada became a state, which lead to the development of this specific motto, using this motto there are ways in which we can improve our states and help make our world a better place. “All for Our Country” has been symbolizing Nevada ever since it became a state. Nevada changed its motto to represent the hardships the world was experiencing at the time.

Nevada became a state on October 31st, 1864. It became the 36th state to join the union. Nevada was needed because of its wealth; it had much supply of silver and gold. Every state is required to have a state seal when becoming a state. This lead to the creation of Nevada’s motto. Even though Nevada’s motto is “All for Our Country,” the motto was never commonly used. Thus, the reason Nevada’s motto is not as well known as its nickname, Battle Born.

Nevada’s original motto was “Willing and Able,” the motto was later changed on February 24th, 1866 to “All for Our Country.” There was no documentation of why the motto was changed to “All for Our Country,” but one of the most popular theories was the fact that the Civil War was going on at the time. The motto shows how Nevada is willing to do anything to help its country and fits into what they were experiencing at the time- war.

Nevada’s motto “All for Our Country” can be used in many ways. For example, it can be used with the army, military and navy. People who join the army, military or even the navy are all serving for one purpose: to protect our country. They give everything to our country, even their lives, without any guarantee that they will survive. Another way this motto could be used is if peopled more community service that was voluntarily and not mandatory. Everyday more and more help is needed everywhere, helping out on your free time would benefit our country. Donating things whether its food, clothes, or even money, is another way of using this motto, it benefits people who are part of our country and really need those things. Education is a very important part of our lives; it helps us in our future and when applying for a job. Teachers are those who help with our education, someone who does everything in their hands to provide an exceptional education and allow children to have equal understanding and knowledge. Teachers work on a daily basis for our country and help children of today build a better future for tomorrow. Nevada’s motto can be applied in many different ways into things that are already part of our everyday lives.

Nevada’s motto teaches us that some states are willing to do anything and everything for their country. Nevada’s motto came from something that was required to become a state and later became something that followed Nevada throughout its history. Nevada was willing to give everything they could to their country without a doubt. “All for Our Country,” giving back to thank our country for everything it has given us.