Trudi Martin is 96 years old. She was a WWII veteran in the Navy, serving in Pearl Harbor. A Navy nurse, a surgical nurse, she was sent to Pearl Harbor to help rebuild the Naval hospital that was destroyed during the bombing. She was a Charge nurse and patched up many of our wounded military men. She was there 4 years and tells many stories of bravery and courage. We have a film of her and her fellow nurses, filling mattress covers with air and surfing with them on Waikiki.   She met and married my father, Henry Joseph Martin, when he was a Commander in the Navy, who had a crew of 4 or 5 gunners and flew in the South Pacific, winning the war there. He was an amazing, courageous human being. My mother is incredibly alert, exercised with Jack LaLane for years, plays duplicate Bridge, does Crosswords every day and beats her children at Scrabble. She exercised, did her treadmill, yoga, stretching and bicycle every day. She would love to be in this parade, a long time resident of Nevada and friend of Governor Kenny Gwen and his wife. She raised 7 children in Nevada, has 13 grandchildren and 17 great grandchildren. Her son passed away unexpectedly just after the Washoe Valley fire. He was one of the Washoe Valley heroes during that fire, saving many homes in our neighborhood from burning. My mother would not leave his side during the fire, often pointing out to him where structures and trees and bushes were starting to burn spontaneously from the 80 MPH winds blowing the fire and embers ferociously through our neighborhood.