It was while I was on temporary duty in the 4402nd Recon Squadron (Provisional),  King Fahd AB, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that I learned what would be my last assignment in the USAF. Another headquarters, this time the United States European Command located in Vahingen, Germany. Vaihingen is located just outside of Stuttgart. I reported in June of 1995 and during the in-processing, I signed up for an opportunity to meet the mayor of Stuttgart, Manfred Rommel – son of Desert Fox Irwin Rommel. I looked forward to the opportunity and reached out to.
The mayor of Carson City, Marv Teixeira who I had known since 1965 when we
lived on Norrie Drive.

I grew up with the guys in the neighborhood and Marv’s boys playing football in the backyard, skateboard derby in the garage, and basketball in the driveway, where the eldest, Al would tower over us with a giant hook shot and the call “Lou Alllcinnndooor!!” (Interestingly, today many of the younger generation have no idea who Lou Alcindor is – Kareem Abdul Jabar.) It was a great neighborhood in which to grow up and little did we know at the time that Marv would go on to become mayor of  Carson City.

I contacted Mayor Marv’s office through my parents, explaining that I would be meeting Mayor Rommel of Stuttgart. Mayor Marv, in typical fashion, responded by sending me a few mementos to share with Mayor Rommel – a blue, Nevada shaped Lucite box with chocolates, a letter conveying his greetings and best wishes, and an aerial photograph of Carson City, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and Lake Tahoe. When I presented them, Mayor Rommel graciously accepted the gifts and we talked of Carson City and Mark Twain. Mayor Rommel was a big fan of Twain and knowledgeable of the Link between Samuel Clemons’ brother and Carson City.

Being able to meet Mayor Rommel and present him a letter and gifts from Mayor Marv and Carson City made the whole experience so much more meaningful and makes me truly Nevada Proud!