Talia Schonfeld, 5th Grade, The Meadows School

Nevada earned the motto “All for Our Country” on February 24, 1866. On that date, the Nevada Legislature officially changed the Nevada State motto from “Volens et Potens” which meant “Willing and Able” to “All for Our Country”. The motto appears on the bottom of the Nevada State seal on a yellow banner surrounded by thirty-six stars which represent Nevada as the thirty-sixth state to join the Union. Although there is no historical record documenting why “All for Our Country” became the motto for Nevada, one might argue that it meant that Nevada citizens were willing to give everything to their country, a sign of Nevada’s dedication to the United States.

I can apply our state’s motto “All for Our Country” to better my community by focusing on giving my “all” to the community and those that are less fortunate. I will do this by donating to local charities and helping people in need of food and shelter. I will assist the local animal population living in shelters by donating food and blankets for the upcoming winter.

The Nevada motto is meaningful to me because it teaches Nevada citizens to focus on the better good of society.