Spenser Close, 5th Grade, The Meadows School

The motto became legal in February of 1866. The Nevada Legislature changed the motto on the seal to “All for Our Country” replacing the motto “Volens et Potens.” The motto means that Nevadans would give some of its allegiance to the United States. Many believe that without the Civil War that the territory would not have become a state. President Lincoln needed the support of Nevada, and so the push to make Nevada a state happened sooner than many thought possible. To show what the motto “All for Our Country” means in our community we need to become strong and active members of our community. I think the best way to show what it means is through community service. Being interested in what is happening in our community will make it a better place for everyone. Volunteering at organizations like Three Square, which helps to provide food to those people and families that cannot afford food that they need. One way at Three Square to help is by making lunches for children who cannot afford lunches and have no other way to eat. Operation School Bell gives clothes, shoes, socks, coats and school supplies to families that are struggling so kids do not have to wear the same clothes every day to school. You can go with your parents to help feed people at Catholic Charities and the Rescue Mission where they help feed people who are hungry. Miracle League is a fun place to help handicapped children play baseball, so they can learn to play the game. It really is good to organize a cleanup of parks or neighborhoods that need to look better. I think that one of the most important ways to be there for Nevada is by being of service to others. It is what makes a strong community become “All for Our Country!”