Samuel Goodman, 5th Grade, The Meadows School

Nevada’s motto “All for Our Country” was adopted on February 24, 1866, replacing the motto “Volens et Potens”, which can be translated to “Willing and Able”. This motto reflects the patriotic vehemence of Nevadans throughout their history. This motto also portrays justice, dedication, and Nevada being a great state in a great country. It also reflects back on the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, two major parts of the United States history. This slogan, if applied, can be better our community because we as citizens will have more respect for our society and nation, making us want to donate to various charities, such as the Red Cross, hospitals, schools, and other organizations that will improve life for Americans that are not as fortunate as them. It also teaches that when it comes to helping improve lives, you should never miss a chance. If you follow this, not only will you be a better person, you will also be appreciated by the community and gain a lifelong reputation as a charitable person. Mark Twain once said “Loyalty to country always” corresponding to the very important motto on the Great Seal of Nevada “All for Our Country”.