In November 1944, I was in the Army Air Corps and was sent to the Las Vegas Army Airfield, now known as Nellis Air Force Base, for aerial gunnery training. Las Vegas is some place you can never forget. We flew in B17 Bombers and had lots of firing ranges, but could go into town mainly on Fremont Street until we ran out of money. Usually we kept enough for a coffee.

By the railroad tracks, at the end of Fremont St., there was the famous Borax 20 mule team wagon, without the mules of course. That’s where we got our bus to camp going through North Las Vegas. Sometimes there were dances in North Las Vegas that we could go to. I was 19 years old then and am now 89. I wish I could go there again but my health restricts my travel. Besides, I could never afford it. I enjoy the videos of Las Vegas and watch them on the web. I used to call it “Lost Wages”, Nevada. (Big smile)