My uncle, Red Rockholm, was born of Danish immigrant parents on a small farm in North Central Nebraska. He developed a desire to travel at a very early age and after some beginning studies at a college in Nebraska “rode the rails” to Nevada in the 1930’s. He and his three brothers made their way west with wanderlust in their eyes and a love of the great outdoors. He found employment helping build the Sugar Bowl ski resort and eventually graduated from the University of Nevada with a degree in history in 1947.

Red was proud of the many years he worked for the City of Reno. He built a “mountain lodge” style home at the intersection of Mount Rose and Humboldt Street where he lived most of his life always finding time to travel throughout every state in the union.

We visited him in Nevada often and he always wanted to “show us” the country especially the area around Lake Tahoe. The picture here is of him when we were on an outing in the Rubicon Wilderness area on the west side of Tahoe. It was his trademark look with a red handkerchief headband and those piercing eyes looking for eagles and any wildlife in the area. He hunted, fished and loved every inch of Nevada and the high Sierras. He was a true and proud “Nevadan” and we were all blessed to know and love him. (Proudly submitted by Roger Ludemann, nephew of Red Rockholm).