I began my career with the Clark County School District in August of 1964 at Ruby Thomas Elementary School. During that year we were celebrating the 100th anniversary of Statehood. Among other things the teachers were supplied with three paperback books as resources for teaching Nevada History and as an aide in participating in the 100th anniversary celebration.

To see a good collection of historic photos, and documentation of the history of education in Southern Nevada from the days of the Mormon settlement to the consolidation of local districts into the Clark County School District and on to the present visit www.ccsdrchives.org. Thanks to the work of retired educators of the CCSD who are maintaining a website and Facebook page with the intent of recording and sharing the history of education in Southern Nevada. The website also has an on line version of a book our group published in 2006 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the CCSD titled “Education in the Neon Shadow”. You can find a history of bonds levied in the area for the funding of school buildings and equipment and a history of school nursing in Clark County.