My dad moved to Vegas in about 1950 from Florida where gambling was questionable.  He was a pit boss at the Desert Inn when it opened.

Life or Look magazine have a huge picture of the casino workers who were hired for the opening.  I never saw this picture until I was on the second floor of the Mob Museum.  The picture was blown up to about 4′ by 6′ and I noticed my dad.  I scanned a picture I had in the living room to show it was him.

I have lived in Las Vegas for 60 of 62 years.  I remember when Sahara Street had a different name.  I remember going fishing in Lake Mead and stopping in Henderson to get water dogs or minnows and being overwhelmed by the vinegar and rotten egg smell that smothered that part of town.  I remember living in Hyde Park and there was nothing but the desert past the cinderblock houses on the north side of Charleston and Decatur.

I remember flash floods that came through the cinderblocks so fast that most people opened the back door then opened the front door, then went to the fridge to get a beer to watch the water go by because nothing was stopping it.  I remember waist high water gushing down Alta near Bedford Road as well as filling up the Charleston underpass which only had two lanes of traffic.

I remember being the first 7th grade class at Gibson Junior High School, the first 8th grade class at Garside, and the first 9th grade class at Clark High School.

I remember Clark beating Gorman in 1969 for Zone and someone putting on the lunchroom marquis “Hail Mary full of grace, Gorman High in second place.”