My wife and I visited Carson City in May 2014 as part of a tour of the Western States. This was to celebrate my 75th Birthday. As we strolled down the main street we first came across the Senate and I suggested we see if it was possible to have a look around inside. My wife was very apprehensive. On opening the doors, we were confronted with the Security Officer. However, my wife’s trepidation soon melted away at the warmth of the officer, who commenced to answer all our requests with absolute openness.   We did a tour which was of great interest.   On our return to the front Security Desk, the officer was kind enough to again answer all our further questions at great length. It was all a very interesting, informative and an enjoyable experience.

Very much the same was repeated when we visited the Governor’s State offices building next door. The Security Officer was again very open and responsive to our many questions.   On our return from viewing around the building and its museum, the officer introduced us to a gentleman who was passing by who was evidently an expert on the History of Nevada.   Again he was a delight to converse with as he answered our many queries. He then arranged for us to be given badges which celebrated the 150 years of Nevada coming into existence, along with a Governor’s Coin. We will treasure these as reminders of a most enjoyable experience.

We have never come across any more friendly and hospitable officials in any government buildings anywhere in the whole of our lives. We will remember them all as fabulous ambassadors for the State of Nevada.