Name: Olivia Butcher
School: Lake Mead Christian Academy

The  Significance of Nevada

The most significant thing that has happened in Nevada since 1864 was the completion  of Hoover (Boulder) Dam in 1936.   This was important for three reasons.   First, it brought jobs during a very difficult time.   Second, it provided water and electricity to Nevada, Arizona, and California.   Third, it helped the population  of these states to grow quickly.

When the dam was built, the United States was in a very difficult time called the “Great Depression”.   Banks, stores, and factories were closed.   Thousands of families did not have jobs. During the time period from 1931 to 1936, over 12,000 jobs were created; and this does not include the extra jobs providing food and other needs to the workers.   Although $5.00 pet day does not seem like a lot of money now, they were very thankful for that wage during that time.

Before the dam was built, there were terrible floods on the Colorado Rivet.   After it was completed, the flooding of the mighty river was under control.    The dam tripled the amount of farmland that could use the water and provided plenty of drinking water.   It also provides over four billion kilowatt-hours of hydroelectric power for Nevada, Arizona, and California each year.

The water and electricity from the dam allowed the population  to grow quickly.   The following table shows how much the population increased.




Las  Vegas,   NV 8,532 2,008,544
Phoenix, AZ 48,118 1,488,750
Los Angeles,  CA 1,238,048 12,536,426


Without the dam, these cities could not have grown so quickly.   Today, millions of people depend on the water and power provided.

By providing jobs during the Great Depression, providing water and electricity to the southwestern United States, and allowing fast growth for more than eighty years, the Hoover Dam was a wonderful investment.    Lake Mead, the largest man-made lake in America, is a fun place for picnics and water activities.   Over seven million people visit every year.  Nothing has changed as many lives in Nevada as this marvelous dam.  In fact, life in the southwest states would be very difficult without it.