Official Merchandising Application

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Matt Robinson at 775-687-0608 or matt.robinson@nevada150.org.

1. Please describe your company and the type(s) of product(s) you sell or manufacture

2. Does your company have a physical Nevada location? If so, please provide address if different from above

3. Describe specifically what you would like to merchandise and attach photo or rendering
Note: if you would like to only sell Nevada 150 logo merchandise produced by Silver State Industries (non-exclusive), skip to question #6

Click here to attach files:

4. Are you seeking exclusive merchandising rights? If so, please describe the revenue share for the Nevada 150 Foundation.

5. Who is your product audience?

6. How will you market the product?

7. How is the product distributed? (If distributed through a third party, please explain)

8. Where will the product be distributed?