NV150 Honorary Poet

Nevada Sesquicentennial
Honorary Poet

Waddie Mitchell

Waddie Mitchell was hired by the state Sesquicentennial Commission to deliver an official state 150th anniversary poem. He again delivered poetry as he has over the past 30 years in a career that taken him away from the ranch, but brought him wealth and journeys around the world.

It’s a poem about a tough, proud state and people who won’t compromise their values but remain open-minded about the beliefs of others and are “liberal with their love.”


Watch Waddie Read ‘Dame Nevada’


Dame Nevada

by Waddie Mitchell

There’s a basin, wrought of reason,
tortoise dry and clean of air
Where rivers hike to meet their fate,
get lost and disappear
Where Grand Adventure had a say
and different would prevail
And where only hardy life hangs on
to all that it entails

Where hidden hints of Eden
are revealed to those who seek
And where Bristlecone stand sentinel
from high atop her peaks
Where the Shoshone and the Paiute
and the Washo stories tell;
‘ If we but live within Her wishes,
we will prosper and live well ‘

Deemed and destined Dame Nevada,
cloaked in sage and sunset crowned
Making sense and friends and legends,
turning prudence upside down
She alludes to and may prove to
be enigma in disguise
Dealing wisdom and compassion,
still, refusing compromise

She’s the rugged scent of essence
and immense in scope and feel
Mountainous and rightly stubborn,
cold and sensuous and real
Open minded and closed fisted
and diverse in all she’s of
And, as tight with her resources
as she’s liberal with her love

And She settled hardy settlers,
and She dished prospectors ore
And She was booming as the U. S.
fought its most un-Civil War
And when there’s have and needed ‘
bureaucratic tape gets cleared
So, She’s flown the flag of statehood now, one hundred fifty years

And as stewards of Her masterpiece,
the standards been set high,
Be protective and responsive to Her needs and feed Her pride
And as Nevadans, we should not forget what native stories tell;
‘If we but live within her wishes, we will prosper and live well’

Waddie’s Word Publishing 2014 All Rights Reserved.