Wings of Pride, The Story of Reno Air and It’s People | By TJ Martini

Whether you were lucky enough to be a part of the Reno Air story, or on the outside observing the tremendous impact the small air carrier made on the airline industry, this book will put you there. Throughout their seven-year history, Reno Air flew into hundreds of cities in nearly every state, and to four different countries, carrying more than 30 million passengers (with scheduled and chartered service). Flying high above the clouds with their classic design of green and silver lettering proudly etched across their fuselage and the snow-capped mountains on the tail, Reno Air will forever be remembered as “the little airline that could — and did.” Foreword was written by Senator Harry Reid; Greeting by Toni Tennille. This 336-page coffee-table book is a reminder of the success and impact Reno Air had on the world of aviation, and how such a small but significant airline could reach out world-wide and touch the heart of every city it served. Nevada’s very own home town-home state airline!

Published By: Evergreen Publishing | Rivertree Media