The Essential Eldercare Handbook for Nevada | by Kim Boyer and Mary Shapiro

The senior years can be daunting, for spouses, children, other caregivers, and seniors themselves. Too often a sudden crisis leaves a family unprepared and feeling helpless. Chronic illnesses and limited funds can present difficult and emotional choices regarding care or housing. Rules and resources vary from state to state. Everyone can use help from experienced professionals in understanding them.

Boyer and Shapiro provide Nevada-specific information—medical, legal, and financial—on the wide range of problems that arise during the elder years. Case studies show how a typical family copes with troubles such as failing health or financial cares and what options they have. This guide will ehlp Nevada residents plan for their own senior years and take care of aging parents, spouses, and other loved ones.

Boyer, Kim; Shapiro, Mary. Spring 2014 University of Nevada Press. University of Nevada Press. Spring 2014. 17 Apr. 2014