Janice Oberding | Nevada Writer

I’ve always been fascinated with our state’s rich history, especially as it pertains to true crime, the unusual and the paranormal. 1. Haunted Nevada, which focuses on the history and paranormal of Nevada. 2. Under a Cruel Moon; Floyd Loveless’ Story, Floyd Loveless was the youngest person ever executed by the state of Nevada (Sept 29, 1944) I was intrigued by this story. Research on this book included several interviews with his friends and family members, his attorney, court records personal letters, and a visit to Indiana. 3. Goldfield Its History and Hauntings, A history of Goldfield, the legends and the ghosts who supposedly haunted the Goldfield Hotel.4. Legends and Ghosts of the Lake Tahoe Area, history, including Donner Party, Marilyn Monroe and the ghosts of Tahoe. 5. Infamous Reno, Offbeat crimes and history of Reno.6. Ghosthunters’ Guide to Virginia City, the history and ghosts of Virginia City from the Comstock discovery to the present and the ghosts who are said to haunt certain buildings in the town. 7.The Haunting of Las Vegas, history of Las Vegas from the Lost City to Bugsy Siegel, Elvis and Liberace, and of course the ghosts who haunt the city.