Are we there yet? | by Izobel & Cianna Sturges

“LAS VEGAS … ARE WE THERE YET?” is a one-of-a-kind eye-popping colorful, hardbound family guidebook loaded with more than just invaluable travel information. It is “set up like a scrapbook packed with photos and ideas on what to do in Las Vegas”* and Nevada. Moreover, the book also has unique features like budget checklist, packing lists, a sample itinerary, and most of all, an interactive brag book section where kids can write their journal and display their show-and-tell photos. This is a memory keepsake forever book for family travelers to Nevada as well as residents and locals who are not familiar with what our beautiful state offers!

-Literary Las Vegas, RJ North View, 4/17/14

Sturges, Izobel & Cianna. Las Vegas, Are we there yet?. Outskirt Press, Published December 31, 2013.