Everyday Las Vegas | by Rex J. Rowley

Every year, nearly forty million people visit Las Vegas from all over the world, though only two million call the city home. Using interviews with more than one hundred local residents, Everyday Las Vegas takes a close look at what life is like for those who live in a place that the rest of the world sees as an exotic, even decadent vacation destination.

Rowley surveys the reasons people move to Las Vegas, how they interact as both workers and consumers with the overwhelming tourist economy, and how they are affected by its constant growth and rapid change. He considers the impacts of a very fluid population on the stability of schools, churches, and other community institutions. His interviews candidly reveal the benefits and perils of living in a nonstop, twenty-four-hour city that is rich in myriad entertainment options but also offers easy access to compulsive gambling and other addictions. More Broadly, Everyday Las Vegas looks at how the perception of a locale differs between insiders and outsiders and how the personality of a place influences the lives of its residents.

Rowley, J., Rex. Spring 2014 University of Nevada Press. University of Nevada Press. Spring 2014. 17 Apr. 2014