Early Las Vegas | Dr. Linda Miller

Early Las Vegas, by Dr. Linda Miller, Helen Stewart interpreter, is a collection of historic photographs recounting the early days from the time of the Mormon settlement in 1855 to the first Helldorado Parade in 1935. The book gives a unique inside look at the lives of the people who built the early town especially rancher Helen J. Stewart. This pioneer woman once told her children that “one day civilization will come to this isolated place”. She sold her land to Senator Clark of the railroad and civilization came at a faster pace.  She helped build the town by acting as the first postmaster, bringing education, being the first woman elected in Clark County and starting women’s groups such as the Mesquite Club.  With the land auction in 1905 many young and aspiring people came to seek their fortune in the new town in the desert. This included the Von Tobels, the Squires, the Griffiths and others that would leave an impact on the town.  The cover of the book is the old car used in a Helldorado parade. It is currently in the Nevada State Museum Las Vegas.