Dixie Olean Karr Westergard | Nevada Writer

She began her meticulous historical research which led to the publication of several books including ones about Dr. Mary Fulstone, Dat-so-la-lee, and Lake Tahoe. Teachers and students use these publications to do research for reports, classroom presentations, and projects.

She became an expert as she researched on the Native American Washo tribe and their basket weaving. In 1999 she published a biography, Dat-so-la-lee, Washo Indian Basketmaker. She donated copies of this book to each of Nevada’s 17 county libraries and to the museums in Carson City.

In 2006 she published a companion book, The Washo People, an activity book based on prehistoric culture of the Washo people in Nevada. In 2000 she published The Lake Tahoe Story written for fourth to sixth grades. The book contains 100 pages of history, art work, and conservation information and was used in a pilot program in local schools.

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