Carol Purroy | Nevada Writer

Carol Purroy, a Reno resident, born and raised in California’s Central Valley, has taught memoir and creative writing at TMCC and other venues for 25 years.

She’s been a teacher; psychotherapist; disaster relief worker; retreat and seminar leader; TV show host and producer (including Living Treasures and Author! Author!). As a publisher, she enabled many writers to become published authors.

Before branching out into fiction, she focused on memoir. Her How-to/Why-to book, Your Life Oughta Be A Book, is considered their “writer’s bible” by many. She published her own memoir — That’s Life — as an example for others.

Her latest work of fiction — Tiara — is partially set in Northern Nevada. (It starts at Virginia City High School’s prom and ends in Reno.) Two other books set in Northern Nevada are in the works.

She writes fiction for children, teens and adults.