Carson City, Nev. – The Historical Marker Legacy Project, a part of Nevada’s year-long Sesquicentennial celebration of the State’s admission to the Union through more than 500 official, signature and legacy events, has been completed in record time thanks to the work of the Nevada 150 Commission, YESCO and other community partners. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval announced the replacement of 116 historical markers throughout Nevada during an unveiling ceremony today at Historic Marker 40 – The Meadows – located within the Springs Preserve at 333 S. Valley View Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89107.

The Nevada 150 Commission raised private sector funds for the celebration along with legacy projects like this one. The Nevada 150 Commission contributed $165,000 to the project along with in-kind donations valued at more than $50,000 from YESCO, helping to significantly speed up the normal process of historic marker replacement. The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) budget typically allows for the replacement of only 1-2 markers per year. Many more are constantly in need of replacement due to vandalism, disrepair or outdated wording. If not for these contributions it would have taken 60-100 years to replace this many signs based on the current budget and schedule.

Gov. Sandoval established the Nevada Sesquicentennial Commission to create and manage the celebration of the state’s 150th birthday. “I am very proud of the work of the Commission to bring the passion we all feel as Nevadans to life by marking this momentous occasion in our state’s history. Our state’s culture and heritage will be remembered for years to come through the renewal of these important historic markers around the great state of Nevada,” said Gov. Sandoval.

The Governor appointed former Lieutenant Governor Brian Krolicki Nevada 150 Commission Chairman. “As the Nevada 150 Commission launched into this journey, we knew leaving a vibrant legacy for future generations to enjoy was a high priority. I’m pleased to share that the Commission outdid all expectations by providing for the much-needed replacement of nearly half of the historical markers throughout Nevada. These markers denote unique moments in our state’s history and culture. This legacy will be enjoyed by many generations of Nevadans to come,” said Lt. Gov. Krolicki.

There are a total of 266 markers throughout the state under SHPO management, a division of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. “We are grateful to the Commission and community supporters around the state for providing the necessary resources to be able to accelerate the much-needed replacement of these historic markers,” said Rebecca Lynn Palmer, State Historic Preservation Officer. “It’s been a large undertaking to identify the markers most in need of replacement and update the historic designations around our state.”

YESCO in Reno produced the new markers, providing significant discounts and in-kind contributions for the project. The company has a long history in Nevada and will celebrate its 100-year-anniversary in the state within the next five years. “The historical markers program has tremendous meaning to our company and employees.  We are proud to have played a role in making this project a reality.  As the state celebrates Battle Born Nevada Proud 150th Anniversary of Statehood, YESCO is commemorating its 95th year of service and commitment to our customers.  We first started providing signs and sign services in Nevada in the 1920s. It’s been exciting to watch and participate in the growth of the state for all these years,” said Jeff Young, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, YESCO.

The Nevada 150 Commission recently released the final report of Nevada’s year-long sesquicentennial celebration including fundraising efforts, legacy projects, events, media coverage, partnerships with Nevadans, and more information about Nevada’s Sesquicentennial Celebration. To download the report, please visit




Nevada’s Sesquicentennial, the 150th anniversary of Nevada’s admission to the Union, provided opportunities for celebration and reflection as we came together statewide to commemorate our shared history and build a foundation of cultural appreciation for generations to come. Nevada’s one of a kind and diverse history was celebrated throughout the state for an entire year in order to promote pride in the shared heritage of all Nevadans. Nevada’s Sesquicentennial celebration commenced on Nevada Day 2013 and concluded with an expanded Nevada Day celebration October, 2014. The Nevada 150 Foundation is responsible for completing the final directions of the Sesquicentennial Commission. For more information, please visit


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