Lieutenant Governor Brian K. Krolicki


Lieutenant Governor Brian K. Krolicki

As someone who fell instantly in love with this great state many decades ago, it gives me immense personal pleasure to have the privilege of Chairing the Nevada Sesquicentennial Commission. Our 150th birthday is truly an exciting commemoration and we plan to celebrate this milestone in the grand fashion it deserves – kicking-off in October 2013 and culminating on Nevada Day 2014. Nevada is known worldwide for its unparalleled hospitality, its wide open country and breathtaking landscapes – from our mountains of snow to our valleys of fire – and the diverse characters who have made Nevada their home as they chased their dreams. The Commission will oversee a year-long series of festivities and educational events which will highlight our state’s rich cultural heritage, and we invite all of you to join in this very special celebration. Happy Birthday Nevada!

-Lieutenant Governor Brian K. Krolicki


Brian Krolicki is a familiar face to most Nevadans due to his many years of distinguished public service, and his many accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. In 2006, after having successfully served as State Treasurer for two terms, Brian Krolicki convincingly won his election to serve as Nevada’s 33rd Lieutenant Governor, and was then re-elected to his second term in November 2010. As Lieutenant Governor, Krolicki serves as President of the State Senate, Chairman of the Commission on Tourism, and Vice-Chairman of the State Board of Transportation. He also serves as a member of the Board of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, and as a member of the Executive Branch Audit Committee.

As Lieutenant Governor, Krolicki has been particularly dedicated to matters involving economic development and tourism. He has been tireless in his advocacy for businesses to locate and expand in Nevada while also championing Nevada as one of the world’s leading tourism destinations. His efforts have directly benefited the needs of Nevada’s citizens to secure good jobs and enjoy greater professional opportunities.

Since 2006, Krolicki has proudly served as Chairman of the Reno Tahoe Winter Games Coalition, a group comprised of leaders from Nevada and California passionately dedicated to bringing the next Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games held in North America to northern Nevada and the Lake Tahoe region. The RTWGC is currently engaged in the process to host the 2026 Winter Olympic Winter Games—contingent upon the decision of the United States Olympic Committee to call for such a bid. The coalition is currently actively engaged in bringing elite sporting events to Nevada, thereby showcasing the state’s ability to successfully host such world-class events.

Krolicki’s leadership has been regularly recognized at the national level throughout his public service career. He currently serves on the Executive Committee of the National Lieutenant Governors Association, and for the past several years he has served as the Chairman of the Republican Lieutenant Governors Association.

In 2006, Krolicki was honored to join two-dozen other state and local elected officials from around the country as a member of the prestigious Rodel Fellowship Program in Public Leadership at the Aspen Institute. This fellowship program convenes regularly to provide a bi-partisan forum for those individuals the Aspen Institute has identified as being the “true rising stars” in American politics – bringing together “this nation’s most promising young political leaders to achieve their fullest potential in public service.”

Call to Public Service
Brian Krolicki’s call to public service is deeply personal and was born from tragedy. On Labor Day, September 3, 1990, Krolicki was traveling in a twin-engine airplane being used by the campaign teams of two former highly regarded Constitutional Officers – State Treasurer Bob Seale and Lieutenant Governor Sue Wagner. The plane tragically crashed in the Nevada desert on the outskirts of Fallon, taking the life of Seale’s wife and severely injuring both Seale and Wagner. Krolicki, who was volunteering on the Seale campaign, was ejected from the aircraft upon impact, and managed to reach help at a remote farmhouse several miles away from the crash site. In the months that followed the accident, the other survivors endured numerous surgeries and emotional heartaches, and Seale’s ability to physically assume office was questioned. It was decided shortly prior to inauguration day that Krolicki, with his private sector banking and investment experience, would join Seale in the State Treasurer’s Office as the Chief Deputy State Treasurer to assist during the new administration’s transition period – at least that was the plan. Krolicki went on to serve eight years as Nevada’s Chief Deputy State Treasurer and as the Secretary to the State Board of Finance. Although his tenure was originally expected to last only about ninety days, Krolicki is now proudly in his 23rd year of public service.

State Treasurer
Upon the retirement of Treasurer Seale, Krolicki found himself in a position to seek elected office – and did so successfully. Krolicki served two terms as State Treasurer. Among his many accomplishments, Krolicki considers his efforts to make a college education more affordable for Nevada families a cornerstone of his administration. He created the highly-ranked Nevada College Savings Plans and the Nevada Prepaid Tuition Program. Krolicki was also responsible for the “roll-out” and administration of the Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship, a program that has helped enable tens of thousands of our state’s best and brightest students achieve their dream of attending college.

During Krolicki’s tenure as State Treasurer some of the largest corporate failures in American history occurred – such as Enron and Worldcom – which threatened many public funds which had invested heavily in these and many other troubled assets. Under Krolicki’s supervision, Nevada taxpayers never lost a dime of their money in these or other investments because the state treasury had eliminated its exposure to these companies before they collapsed. Krolicki also pro-actively divested the state’s investment portfolios of approximately $500 million in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac holdings prior to these entities being shown to be largely a “house of cards,” which collapsed due to poor accounting practices and excessive sub-prime mortgage holdings. He was invited to provide special testimony to the Governing Board of the New York Stock Exchange, where he urged the iconic Wall Street marketplace to enact improved governance, trading and transparency practices. Krolicki was instrumental in requiring the Las Vegas Monorail to secure insurance from AMBAC Financial Group guaranteeing the repayment of $649 million in Monorail debt, safely shielding Nevada’s taxpayers from this eventual liability.

Krolicki secured upgrades to the state’s credit ratings for the first time in almost 30 years, saving Nevada’s taxpayers millions of dollars in interest expenses. During his tenure, Nevada earned a credit rating just one level below the highest possible mark held by just a handful of states. During his service, Nevada became the first state treasury in the country to receive the Certificate of Excellence in Investment Policy awarded by the Association of Public Treasurers of the United States and Canada. It was also awarded the Nevada Taxpayers Association’s prestigious Cashman Good Government Award – the only public entity directly led by an elected official to win this prize.

While State Treasurer, Krolicki was unanimously elected by his peers in 2002 to serve as president of the National Association of State Treasurers (NAST). During his term as president, Krolicki founded the NAST Committee on Corporate Governance and established the NAST Foundation, which promotes financial literacy and education throughout the nation. In 2003, Krolicki was appointed to serve as a member of the United States Intergovernmental Advisory Committee on Trade (IGPAC), a position he was reappointed to in 2009. In 2004, Krolicki was selected by his state treasurer colleagues to receive the nation’s “Most Outstanding State Treasurer Award.” In 2004 his peers in the State Debt Management Network honored Krolicki by awarding him the distinguished “Award for Excellence in Public Finance,” given to a public or private sector individual for their demonstrated excellence in the municipal finance industry. Krolicki’s expertise in public finance even led to him providing expert testimony to members of the U.S. Congress on Capitol Hill.

As Lieutenant Governor, Krolicki has taken on the important cause of highlighting the service of our state’s military men and women and addressing the unique needs of these individuals and their families. Recognizing that every Nevadan should do all they can to embrace our returning service members who have been directly or indirectly deployed in support of combat operations since the attacks of September 11th, Krolicki pursued a broad range of veterans initiatives within his office. This included hosting Veterans’ conferences in both northern and southern Nevada, bringing together a wide array of veteran organizations to discuss the services they provide and partnering with the Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation to host a job fair for veterans. Additionally, the Lt. Governor’s office compiled oral histories from Nevadans who served or lost loved ones in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The oral histories, edited by the Lieutenant Governor, were published in a book entitled Battle Born: Nevada War Stories. All proceeds from the sale of Battle Born benefit the Nevada Military Support Alliance.

Other Activities
Other activities and community service for Krolicki include: Planning Commissioner for Douglas County, Nevada; Member of the Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Task Force; Member of the National Association of State Treasurers Foundation; and original Board Member of the Davidson Academy in Reno, Nevada – a school dedicated to educating the most profoundly gifted young students in this country.

Prior to Krolicki’s entry into public service, his private sector experience included working at Banker’s Trust Company in New York City, NY and Smith Barney in both San Francisco, CA and Manama, Bahrain – the Persian Gulf.

He is a graduate of Stanford University. Brian and his wife, Kelly, have three daughters.