Mary Harris, 4th Grade, McMillan Elementary School

Did you know that our state motto is “All for Our Country” and it means “Willing and Able?” Well that means that Nevada is a free country. In 1864 Abraham Lincoln wanted to be re-elected president but he had competition and his name was General George McClellan. Lincoln was voted president. He also freed slaves.

My plan to have a better community is that everyone follow the rules and get along with each other. I would also keep our community clean from any glass, wrappers, paper and other trash in parks, lakes, stores, schools and other places.

I will make that happen by cleaning up trash in the places and putting them in the trash. Even if it’s not mine. And I will also make speeches to keep our community clean. Speeches in church, the park and at school. Keep it clean!

There are many ways to keep our community clean and respectful. I will find all those ways to make our community great. Governor you will notice my work. You will love it. I’m Mary Harris and I approve this message.