I started working for the Nevada State Museum in 2005 as a contracted worker for AARP.  I was the assistant to Deborah Stevenson in the education department. In 2006, I attended one of the first presentations of the 150th Frances Humphrey Lecture Series talk about the four men — Mr. Curry, Mr. Muesser, Mr. Proctor, and Mr. Green who had established Carson City to be the capital. As Guy Rocha was giving his talk, he mentioned that there were no known photos of Carson City’s fourth founding father – Benjamin Franklin Green. At the end of the talk he asked if there were any questions; I asked why only pictures of three of the men. I was told that in 150 years that no one had been able to find one of Mr. Green’s pictures. After the talk, I told Guy that I would like to try to find a picture. Guy gave me his card and asked me to call him at work and he would tell me what information he had on Mr. Green.  He told me that you have to be careful of the information you find and make sure that it is true. I worked on it for 3 months and found a picture through a great, great niece of Mr. Green’s. I am not a historian; the only history I ever got was in school, but I love it.