Lennox Purinton, 7th Grade, Ely Learning Bridge, Ely

‘ALL FOR OUR COUNTRY’ By Lennox Purinton

Nevada’s motto, “All for our Country”, has always been on the state seal, but no one knows its origin. Nevada became a state during the Civil War and right before the presidential election in 1864. On July 4, 1864 the Constitutional Convention met in Carson City (Carson City is now Nevada’s Capitol, where the Governor resides and the State Legislature meets) a year after the battle at Gettysburg. The Union needed a new state to support President Lincoln, and to prove to the confederacy that the Union was strong. Patriotism was very high in Nevada, and those who came to the convention felt very loyal to the Union and wanted to support it.

Article V, section 15, in the Nevada Constitution, states that there is to be a state seal. At the second Legislative session in 1866, A.B. Elliot of Storey County, introduced Bill 26. It was read and referred to the Committee on State Library. It was then returned to the Assembly for another reading. It passed in the Assembly and went to the Senate. In Senate, AB26 was referred to the Committee on State Affairs. After this happened on February 19, 1866, Senator Lockwood said that the Committee had AB26 under consideration. They came to a favorable conclusion and directed their chairman to report the same to the Senate. On the third reading it passed 12-1. The Statutes of 1866 give a complete description of the design. The words in the outer circle of the design are, “The Great Seal of the State of Nevada” and is engraved with the words, “All for Our Country”.

Just as Nevada became part of the Union, to support the president and the Union, I will do all I can to support my state and country. I’m proud to be an American and part of this country. I want to support my state and country by working hard to be a good citizen. I will protect the Constitution and all the rights it gives to our citizens. I will stand up to protect the citizens and the Flag of our country. I want to honor the Founding Fathers who established, in 1776, our freedom and this country. I also want to honor all those who have died to protect all the freedoms and rights of each and every citizen of the United States of America. I love Nevada, and I want to do my best to help and support it. Every morning at my school, two students from my class go outside and raise the U.S. and Nevada flag. When I see the U.S. flag, I salute it; and when I see the Nevada flag, I think about how much I love my state. Whenever I see someone struggling, or in need of assistance, I ask them if they could use my help. As Nevadans we want our State to grow and thrive economically, and to provide good jobs for people who live in Nevada. We want our citizens to be better educated, so they can contribute to our state and Nation. In turn, our state will be better equipped to live up to the State’s motto. In conclusion, our state has so much to offer, in its people, and natural resources, that I can’t help but give “All for Our Country”.