Charles A. Lawrence purchased 160 acres from Ira H. Kent in 1908 and raised rotations of alfalfa and wheat or corn. He had a small dairy as well as some sheep, horse and turkeys. After Charles died in 1929, his wife, Eva, started raising chickens for their eggs. At one time, she had 1,000 chickens in four large chicken houses. She boxed 360 eggs a day. Son Dale started raising pigs and sold 100 weiner pigs twice a year at market. In the 1940’s, Dale started a sheep business, and turned to cattle in the 1950’s. Sister Marcia remembers keeping bummer lambs in a cardboard box by the stove in the kitchen during the winter. A large barn and small shop that were built in the early 1900’s, and agranary built in 1933 are still standing on the ranch. Dale remembers hauling water from the ditch to mix concrete when building the granary when he was 10 years old. The hay derek built in 1908 is now called yard art. In 2010, the Lawrence Ranch was a recipient of the Nevada Centennial Award Ranch & Farm Award.


This entry is from the Nevada Centennial Awards Ranch & Farm Program which recognizes agricultural families who have owned and operated the same land in Nevada for 100 years or more. Forty-seven families have now been inducted into the program that began in 2004. The awards program is sponsored by the Nevada Agriculture Plate funds, Farm Bureau, Agricultural Foundation, Nevada Department of Agriculture, Cattlemen’s Association and USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. For more information about the Nevada Centennial Awards Ranch & Farm Program please visit