New Nevada “State Pride” Movement Heads Up Initiative to Make it Possible

Las Vegas – An official application to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce seeking a Hollywood Walk of Fame star for Las Vegas was hand delivered by a team, led by “Elvis,” representing the “Battle Born Again” movement recently. If selected, the entertainment capital will be the first city to receive a Star on the internationally recognized Hollywood icon.

Click here to see a video of “Elvis” and his “Battle Born Again” team delivering the Las Vegas application to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

“Battle Born Again” is a new Nevada state pride movement launched by The Glenn Group, a statewide marketing and innovation agency, as a celebration of Nevada’s rebirth and continual reinvention. The agency plans to develop initiatives under the “Battle Born Again” umbrella that give back to the state, and encourage Nevadans to find imaginative ways to do the same. Its first order of business is the Las Vegas Hollywood Walk of Fame application.

“The ‘Battle Born Again’ brand is just another way for us to give back to Nevada, which we love to do in creative ways,”said B.C. LeDoux, president and partner at The Glenn Group. “When we realized no city has ever been given a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it was a no-brainer that our first ‘Battle Born Again’ initiative would be to see if we could make history for our state.”

Included in the application were letters of endorsement from Mayor Carolyn Goodman, Commissioner Steve Sisolak, the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce and Nevada Lt. Governor Brian Krolicki. All were solidly behind the idea and the application.

The Walk of Fame candidacy is in the motion picture category. Even before Las Vegas was incorporated, the legendary Jack McGowan chose the bustling desert town as the location for his 1910 Hazard of Helen series. It was the first motion picture to film in Las Vegas.

With nearly 50 known productions throughout the past 100 years, there is no other location character that brings the unique presence of place and drives the narrative of a motion picture like Las Vegas. Las Vegas has played the villain (Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas), the hero (Last Vegas), the comic relief (Vegas Vacation) and the romantic interest (Showgirls). It has played the antagonist (The Hangover), the protagonist (Meet Me In Las Vegas), the culprit (Very Bad Things), the accomplice (Ocean’s 11) and the evil sidekick (Leaving Las Vegas). The list could go on and for that reason the idea of the application came about.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a well-known landmark governed by the Hollywood Chamber of Congress. Roughly 200 applications are accepted each year and only 15-24 are chosen. The annual Walk of Fame Committee meeting is being held in June to make this year’s selections.

Once selected it is up to the nominee to raise the $30,000 cost for the star. The money is used to pay for the creation and installation of the star as well as maintenance of the Walk of Fame.

“Battle Born Again” is the latest in a series of inventive cause-related campaigns developed by The Glenn Group, which has rich history and deep-rooted pride in Nevada. They are previously responsible for 1DollarOfficeSpace, Resolution-A-Thon, We Love This Place Signs in Reno and more. The Hollywood Walk of Fame nomination was born from an idea that Las Vegas has a long career as a setting actor on the silver screen. The city becomes more than a mere place in the movies; it becomes a leading character.

Follow The Glenn Group’s star application process on Twitter and Instagram using #BattleBornAgain and #LVGoesHollywood.


About “Battle Born Again”:
“Battle Born Again” is a state pride movement developed to celebrate, and help Nevadans celebrate, Nevada’s gritty and free spirit, its continual and tenacious rebirth and reinvention and Nevadans’ passionate and unwavering pride in fun and imaginative ways. It’s a spirited movement that honors and embraces Nevada’s incredible personality honestly, beautiful quirks and faults included, from the north to the south and the east to the west. If someone is “Battle Born Again,” they are a native Nevadan whether they were born within the state’s borders or not.

About The Glenn Group:
The Glenn Group is a statewide marketing and innovation firm, with offices in Las Vegas and Reno, that helps pioneering companies build and creatively position their brands, share compelling stories and solve problems through imaginative integrated programs and experiences. The agency offers expertise in brand positioning, marketing communications strategy, customer insights, identity design, advertising content creation, media strategy and placement, digital and social marketing, public relations and website development.

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