When it came time for my parents to name me, they chose what they felt was the most beautiful name they could for my middle name; Nevada.  I however, felt very differently growing up.  Why would my parents name me after my state?  Sure I loved Nevada, but I didn’t know how many more times I could handle my teacher coming across my full name and asking (with a grin) “Were You born here?” (Insert eye roll here).

Overtime though, I grew to really love Nevada as my middle name.  Having it for a middle name had some perks. There is a whole holiday complete with parade, just for me, every year around October 31st (okay so I share it with my fellow Nevadans- but I still get phone calls that day to tell me happy “me” day).  Best of all, my name was original, unique, it made me special.  I was the only one, or so I thought…

One night after work I decided to slip my phone number to the most gorgeous, altruistic, jovial man I have ever laid eyes on.  The note read: Krystal Nevada- ###-####.  Two minutes later I had a text “Why Krystal Nevada?”  I was confused… “because its my name…?”  He thought I was lying, I had to provide proof.  Come to find out this perfect man’s middle name was also Nevada.  Need I say more? 😉

Both of us having the middle name Nevada really made wedding planning quite simple.  Colors? Silver and blue.  Date?  Nevada Day (the real NV day).  Location?  Capital grounds.  All of our details revolved around Nevada down to the Las Vegas pre-wedding party, Nevada flags on each table at the reception and the sagebrush boutonnieres.

Since that day we have lived happily ever after, right here in our home, Nevada.  We are able to watch a beautiful desert sunrise, take in a breath-taking view of the Sierra Nevada’s or down on the valley from them after a hike, walk along the boardwalk of the old mining town of Virginia City or along the Carson River, watch a Vivid Dancer Damselfly (I snuck that one in for my dad- he will be so proud), go for a ride on the V&T, play a couple pennies at my local casino, visit Lake Tahoe or the Pine Nuts, compete in a beard contest… the possibilities are endless.  Nevada never ceases to impress and amaze.

So really, what’s in a name?  For me, it’s love.  I love the day I married the most amazing man around, I love the (semi-) uniqueness of my middle name, and mostly I love my home.

I love Nevada.