Name: Kiera Hickenbottom
School: St. Teresa of Avila Catholic School

When people think of Nevada, people think of gambling.  The legalization of gambling is the most significant thing, in my opinion, that Nevada has done since becoming a state in 1864. Gambling was a big part of Nevada’s culture even before statehood.  In 1931, the Nevada Legislature made gambling legal because a lot of illegal gambling and corruption was occurring in the state.  Gambling is important to Nevada for several reasons.

First, gambling brings a lot of tourists to Nevada.  Nevada is the driest state in the nation and it gets very hot here.  There was not a lot of interest in visiting Nevada before the casinos were built. Besides gambling, casinos have hotel rooms, restaurants, shopping, concerts, and swimming pools.  Las Vegas is now one of the top tourist destinations in the world.  Tourists bring a lot of money into Nevada’s economy.

Second, the casinos in Nevada provide work for people who live in Nevada.  Since 1950, Nevada has been one of the fastest growing states.  Many people who move to Nevada to start a new life find jobs in casinos.

Third, because the casinos make a lot of money, they pay large amounts of taxes to the government.  The money from taxes pays for roads, schools, and other things needed by Nevadans.

I think the legalization of gambling in Nevada was the most significant thing that Nevada has done since becoming a state because gambling has played such a large role in Nevada’s history, economy and culture.