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1 John Tyson | Nevada 150th Year Sesquicentennial

John Tyson

John+Tyson_180_07John Tyson covers rural Nevada like no one else can. As a reporter for KOLO-8 News Now, John has spent close to two decades driving an average of 3,000 miles every month searching for the stories that reflect the best of Nevada’s true character. Viewers will recognize the native Pennsylvanian from his special reports, John Tyson’s Journal.

A former working cowboy and Brand Inspector for the State of Nevada, John is used to covering the state at sagebrush level.

John and his wife Patty live in Virginia City, Nevada. John is also a locomotive engineer and when not at his home you can usually find him running engines #40 and #93 on the Nevada Northern Railway in Ely, Nevada, or chartering out his private railway business car “The Metis”

John is a member of the Nevada commission for the restoration of the V & T Railway and is working to restore the old V & T railroad from Gold Hill to Carson City and a member of the American Association of Private Railcar Owners.

Despite a recent battle with cancer, John is still following his dreams by searching out the best of Nevada for KOLO-8 News Now.