Name: Jaeden Sant Singh
School: Homeschool

Nevada is an amazing state.  It has had, and continues to have, a positive effect on our nation.  I have personally enjoyed the team sports that are offered and the state parks I can visit. More importantly is how Nevada has benefitted  others outside its borders through providing water and electricity, helping to abolish slavery, and contributing to the wealth of our country.

In 1933, Congress decided to build the Hoover Dam in Nevada, which was a perfect place for it. It stops the Colorado River from flooding and produces  the largest manmade reservoir,  Lake Mead. It is 726 feet tall and at its base it is two football fields thick.  This massive dam supports three states with electricity, water, and flood control.  Without it we would be paying more money for electricity and water and we would not be as protected.

Nevada is known as the Battle Born state.  It became a state during the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln was president of the United States at that time and he was fighting against slavery.  Nevada joined him in fighting against the worse thing I know.  By Nevada joining, it helped finish the war because more people were fighting and it was one more state that was doing the right thing.

In the 1870’s,  Nevada’s famous gold rush started.   More people started coming to Nevada to search for gold and silver.  A popular place people would go was Virginia City. Many people lost their homes or family members trying to find a fortune.  However, some good came of this. Some did strike it rich and these priceless minerals continue to be mined today.  In fact, Nevada is the number one gold producing state.  We also have our nickname “The Silver State” because silver is a huge part of the history and the wealth of our state.  Gambling is also an important part of Nevada’s economy.   There are casinos everywhere you look. Though gambling causes many people to be homeless, it is great for the resources  of our state and nation.  The money pours in like crazy! Our ability to take care of ourselves financially makes for a healthier  nation

Nevada is the most spectacular state, if not the best state. The Hoover Dam, our role in the Civil War, and our profitable mining and gambling are just some of the great things our state has contributed to the United States.  We must continue doing what we are doing in Nevada to help the nation and to keep us from being a poor state. I do not think I ever want to move from here because the government  makes acceptable choices and I love my school!  Nevada has amazing qualities that other states do not have, like a hard-working government, a hot summer and a cold winter, spectacular activities, and a beautiful desert that is full of animals, I mean, who gets to see a baby deer in their backyard every morning. Nevada is an awesome state!!!