Manganese One Plant (AKA) Three Kids Mine, Henderson Nevada, 1916-1962. Photo Courtesy of Henderson District Public Libraries

The Manganese Ore (AKA) Three Kids Mine has a battle born history from 1917-1961. The mine and mill sites had three periods of activity each related to a time of war and internal tensions (WWI, WWII, and  the Korean and Cold War years).

While manganese is used in tough alloys, resistant to wear, manganese production of sufficient quality required the construction of the new mill and corresponded to the period of high demand in WWII and during the cold war era. In 1961 most of the rich ore was depleted and the U.S. Government contracts were terminated.  The mine and mill was dismantled and closed in 1962.

This story was taken from the Henderson Historical Society’s Stories.  The Henderson Historical Society seeks to foster public awareness and pride and to preserve the history of Henderson, Nevada for future generations. For additional information about the Henderson Historical Society please visit