Name: Felicia Manha
School: Coral Academy of Science

Nevada for Statehood

Many people  have different views of why Nevada became a state. Most  believe  it became  a state because of its riches in gold and silver mining were needed to win the Civil War. This in fact is not the case of Nevad2’s statehood. Nevada was a very important territory to make a state. Considering the circumstances  at the time, Nevada’s statehood was vital. Most important to me is that  Nevada’s statehood was needed  to ratify  the Thirteenth Amendment abolishing slavery.Its  electoral votes would  help in the re-election of President Abraham Lincoln and its mining wealth  brought bv the Federal Government supported the union in its efforts to win the Civil War.

Slavery was certainly one of the darkest moments in American history, something that  I am certainly not proud  of. Many people  agree that  slavery is wrong in more ways than one. First it is immoral because it strips the rights of a human  being. The slave owners  treated them with  no respect and in an inhumane manner.  Nevada being predominantly Republican  and pro­ union  was instrumental in ratifying the Thirteenth Amendment to abolish slavery. Lincoln also needed  another  Republican state in order to win the election, Nevada was needed to help Lincoln  in that  way but it was also needed for its electoral votes. Even though Nevada was far removed from the battlefields of the Civil War and the plantations of the south it had strong views as to what was right and wrong. Slavery was wrong and by voting to abolish it Nevada said its views on the subject loud and clear.

Nevada was believed to be an invaluable resource to Abraham Lincoln and his re- election as President of the United States. In fact new states including Nevada were needed by Lincoln so that he could support his moderate reconstruction policies for the South. If Nevada became a state it could help Lincoln accomplish these goals. Lincoln sent to Nevada a Republican Governor who was James Warren Nye and territorial officials who were strong Republicans tp keep Nevada for Lincoln and against slavery. James Warren Nye was known for shutting down any demonstration that supported confederacy. At the time he did this in New York Citv and he yvas a strong supporter of Abraham Lincoln.  Even though at the time of the election Lincoln would have won, with or without  Nevada, I think it was nice to know that Lincoln counted on us and our electoral votes. The re-election of President Lincolnwas important as it would ensure the abolishment of slavery. I’m glad that our state was a part of that process.

Many people believe Nevada became a state because our mining riches were needed to win the Civil War. That is not the reason. Nevada’s statehood was for political reasons, not for economical reasons. However, our mining riches were in fact bought by the Federal Government to support its currency, which in fact supported the union, not the confederate causes. Again our statehood in a round about way helped abolish slavery. I am glad to be a part of that.

A part of the constitution said that all undistributed  public lands would be held by the Federal Government  and could never be taxed by the state. It also included a clause that proclaimed  the supremacy of the United States Government over the States Government This meant that no state had the right to secede. It also stated that only the net proceeds of mines could be taxed so that mine owners would agree.

Nevada was declared a state on October 31, 1864. Its state motto  was “Battle Born’· because it became a state around when the Civil War was happening. In 1859 the Comstock Lode was discovered and had a huge amount of silver and gold. At the time Nevada was one of the least populated territories. Most of the people came to Nevada as miners thinking they were going to get rich from Nevada’s silver and gold. This attracted  miners from all o· the country  but people mainly from California.

Most important  to me is that Nevada’s statehood was needed to ratify the Thirteenth Amendment  to abolish slavery. In a way, Nevada’s riches supported the union and the Civil War. Nevada also took part in the re-election  of President Abraham Lincoln. I would have definitely granted statehood to Nevada given the circumstances at that time. I am proud to be a  Nevadan.



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