Date: 4-26-14 to 4-27-14
Time: Balloon Launch at 7:00 AM
Location: Winnemucca Sports Complex. 1600 Barker Street. Winnemucca, NV, NV (Humboldt)
Description: This race is part of the inaugural Nevada State Balloon Champion Series. The Third Annual Balloon Festival in The Park is to be held Friday April 25, Saturday April 26 and Sunday April 27, 2014 at the Winnemucca Sports Complex. We are doing something a little different this year-We are participating in the Quintessential County Event whereas 5-counties are participating and Humboldt County is one of them! We are expecting up to 20 hot-air balloons and their pilots and crew this year, for an extra special event! Hot-Air Balloons expect to be launched at 7am all days, weather permitting. There will be tethered rides offered again this year on Saturday and Sunday (only) for only $5 per person per ride. For more information please contact Jeremy Crosby at 775-621-6202 or​​.

Phone Number: 775-621-6202