Date: 7-19-14 to 7-20-14
Time: 5 am start for 100 mile runners all day long Saturday and Sunday
Location: Lake Tahoe State Park. On Hwy 28 just north of the Hwy & Hwy 28 interaction. Glenbrook, NV (Douglas)
Description: Endurance runners from all over the United States and including France, Great Britain, New Zealand, Panama, Spain, Japan, The Philippines and Canada will complete on the mountain trails of Lake Tahoe’s Eastern ridgeline for 100 miles. Runners have 35 hours to complete the 100 mile journey and finishers will be rewarded with a hand tooled finishers buckle featuring a medallion minted in the historic Carson City Mint with the Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance logo on one side and the Nevada 150 Sesquicentennial Anniversary on the reverse side. We are honored to present such a significant medal to our finishers. For more information about this event visit

Phone Number: 775-721-0750