Date: 11-1-14
Time: Balloon Launch at 8:00 AM
Location: Downtown Carson City, NV (Carson City)
Description:  This race is part of the inaugural Nevada State Balloon Champion Series and Nevada State Balloon Champion Trophy will be awarded before this race. The RE/MAX Nevada Day Balloon Launch (which is operated under the assistance of the Great Reno Balloon Race) will take place at 8:00am, Friday, October 31 (weather permitting) on the morning of the Nevada Day parade – right on Carson St. (near the Carson Mall).  The Nevada Day celebration has had balloons flying in the morning over the parade route for well over 12 years. We launch around 8:00am, some of the balloons take off right on Hwy 395, near Stewart St. and some take off from a nearby field. The balloons fly for about an hour, and are usually down before the parade even starts.  For additional information please visit or call 775-882-2600.

Phone Number: 775-882-2600