Nevada State Fair (6-5 to 6-8, 2014)Date: 6-5-14 to 6-8-14
Time: All Day
Location: Reno, NV (Washoe)
Description: The Nevada State Fair was originally founded in 1874 and had been Nevada’s longest running event. The Board of Directors for the Nevada State Fair met on Tuesday, March 8th, 2011, and decided to close ending a 136 year run (1874 to 2010).  In August of 2013, a completely new non-profit organization was formed to continue the Nevada State Fair legacy. With collaborative efforts from both state and private sectors, The Nevada State Fair – 2014 will prove to be a success.  Our mission is to preserve and enhance the annual State Fair for the benefit of all citizens of Nevada and be a premier annual event that maximizes its resources to host a wide range of activities.  To be recognized as the best State Fair in the country, showcasing the great State of Nevada’s diversity in an educational and entertaining environment.  For more information please visit, call 877 916-FAIR (3247) or e-mail

Phone Number: 877-916-FAIR (3247)