Date: 10-4-14, 10-9-14 and 10-11-14
Time: 11:00 AM on 10-4-14. 6:30 PM on 10-9-14. 2:00 PM on 10-11-14.
Location: Reno and Incline Village, NV (Washoe)
Description: : Photographer Bob Goodman will take us on a visual tour of the natural gardens that surround us, to highlight Nature’s handiwork that at times is obvious, and at times hidden. Bob Goodman is a local photographer and his programs evoke the wanderlust spirit and highlight the wild and beautiful landscapes which exist in Nevada and the Great Basin. The October 4th presentation will take place at the North Valleys Library located at 1075 North Hills Blvd, #340 in Reno at 11:00 AM.  The October 9th presentation will take place at the Incline Village Library located at 845 Alder Avenue in
Incline Village at 6:30 PM. The October 11th presentation will take place at the South Valleys Library located at 15650A Wedge Parkway in Reno at 2:00 PM. For additional information please visit or call 775-972-0281.

Phone Number: 775-972-0281