Date: 9-20-14
Time: 11:00 am-Storytelling (great for toddlers), 2:30 pm-Dance performance, 3:30 pm-Storytelling (for all ages)
Location: Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum. 490 S. Center St. Reno, NV (Washoe)
Description: Nevada Sage Waldorf School and Terry Lee Wells Discovery Museum would like to invite you to a Native American Storytelling and Dance Event. This wonderful arts and cultural event features Northern Paiute elder Ralph Burns and the Native American dance troupe Pudu Nugadu. Ralph Burns captivates his young audiences by embodying the Paiute culture in a way that brings history and language alive. 11:00 am – Storytelling (great for toddlers). 2:30 pm – Dance performance. 3:30 pm – Storytelling (for all ages). For more information call 775-348-6622 or visit

Phone Number: 775-348-6622