Date: 10-18-14
Time: 5am (100 Mile, 150K). 6am (100K). 7am (50K, 25K). 6pm (5K Night Run)
Location: Floyd Lamb Park. 9200 Tule Springs Road. Las Vegas, NV (Clark)
Description: Las Vegas Ultra Marathon Run & Relay featuring the Sesquicentennial! We are happy to announce the Las Vegas Ultra Marathon featuring the 150K Run and Relay this year as celebration of the Sesquicentennial (150 Year Anniversary) of Nevada! The new Las Vegas Ultra Marathon will be held at Las Vegas’ oldest and most beautiful park Floyd Lamb on October 18, 2014. Run through incredible trails, by the lake, under the stars and through the Nevada desert. We are so proud to have the first permit for overnight running at this incredible location. This will be an annual event but the Sesquicentennial distance is special for this year! Don’t miss out on this classic Las Vegas event! For more information or to register please visit or call 702-241-2044.

Phone Number: 702-241-2044