Date: 10-4-14, 10-7-14 and 10-11-14
Time: 3:00 PM on 10-4-14. 6:00 PM on 10-7-14. 11:00 AM on 10-11-14.
Location: Reno and Sparks, NV (Washoe)
Description: : Photographer and naturalist Bob Goodman will present photos and information about Nevada’s hot springs. Although many folks enjoy soaking in hot springs, in Nevada, many hot springs have water at lethal temperatures. Goodman has visited and photographed many of those hot springs infrequently visited because of the water temperature or small size to offer a look at the life that forms in undisturbed areas. The October 4th presentation will take place at the Sparks Library located at 1125 12th Street in Sparks at 3:00 PM.  The October 7th presentation will take place at the Spanish Springs Library located at 7100A Pyramid Lake Highway at 6:00 PM. The October 11th presentation will take place at the Northwest Reno Library located at 2325 Robb Drive in Reno at 11:00 AM. For additional information please visit or call 775-327-8360.

Phone Number: 775-327-8360