Date: 4-11-14
Time: TBD
Location: Northeastern Nevada Museum. 1515 Idaho Street. Elko, NV (Elko)
Description: The Halleck Bar Party, sponsored by the Northeastern Nevada Museum Guild, is held each year to celebrate the gift of an historic, antique bar and back-bar which was given to the Northeastern Nevada Museum in 1970.  In the early 1880s, the bar was part of a saloon in Halleck, a rough and tumble railroad town that also served as headquarters of several large ranches. The combination of ranch hands and railroad workers was a volatile one and the saloon was the site of many brawls, knifings, and even a few murders.  The bar and back-bar was purchased in Salt Lake City in 1916 and shipped by rail to the town of Halleck, where it was installed at Len Rathfon’s “social establishment.” Bill Rahas bought the property in the 1920s and operated Bill’s Place until the bar closed in the 1950s.  Two Halleck ranchers, the late Arthur Glaser and the late Norman Glaser, along with Charles “Chach” Evans, an Elko attorney and Lamoille-area rancher, arranged through Jeffrey and Kathleen McAdam, grandchildren of the late Bill and Edythe Rahas, to have the bar donated to the Northeastern Nevada Museum. Arthur Glaser and his wife, Marianne, restored the bar to its former glory. It was donated to the museum on condition that a party be held each year and a bottle of Beefeater Gin be served over the bar. This has come to be known as the Halleck Bar Party, and has been held every year since. For more information please visit or call 775-738-3418.

Phone Number: 775-738-3418