Date: 11-1-14
Time: 11:05 AM
Location: Carson Nugget West Parking Lot. Downtown Carson City, NV (Carson City)
Description: The 41st Annual World Championship Single Jack Drilling Contest takes place at 11:05am on Saturday, November 1, 2014 at the Carson Nugget west parking lot. Spectators watch for free! Come view the old-world contest of strength, skill, and Sierra White Granite grit. Contestants used 4 1/2 pound hammers and as many as 11 bits of graduated steel to drill a 3/4 inch hole in a 4,320 pound piece of Sierra White Granite. The contestants have 10 minutes to pound the drills into the solid stone, their only help from an assistant who runs water into the hole so the loose stone chips are splashed out with every stroke of the hammer on steel. The deepest hole wins. The world record was set in 1993 at 16.34 inches deep by Scott Havens of Elko, Nevada. The contest goes back to the Comstock mining skills of earlier times, when blast holes for dynamite were punched into ore bodies by hand. The attraction of a chance at a world champion title plus a total purse of up to $5,500 makes an entry fee of $50 seem small! The champion receives $2,000. For additional information please visit or call 775-882-2600.

Phone Number: 775-882-2600