Date: 10-31-14
Time: Noon to 1:30 PM
Location: Nevada State Library and Archives. 100 North Stewart Street. Carson City, NV (Carson City)
Description: On Friday, Oct. 31st, the Nevada State Library and Archives will hold its twenty-second annual observance of the real Nevada Day from Noon to 1:30 PM. For twenty-two years the Nevada State Library and Archives has held a public gathering where those who attend talk about the origins and meaning of Nevada’s State Constitution. Then everyone toasts the hallowed document. This year’s the topic is “From Territory to State — How it was done” and will feature State Archivist Jeff Kintop and attorney and former Historical Records Advisory Board member Jim Smith. Anyone who wants to speak is welcome. According to Kintop, “Nevada will be 150 years old on Nevada Day and for a year there were more than 450 programs celebrating the state’s history and origins, but so far no one has talked about the transition from territory to state. How did they do it?” Jim Smith added, “Nevada’s founding fathers thought of that. They wrote Article 17, the roadmap to that guided Nevada from territory to state. It told them who is in charge until the new state officers take office, what laws are in effect, when to hold elections and almost every other detail.” The gathering will be in the lobby of the state library and archives. This may be scholarly and it may not. Kintop added, “We will have the original drafts and documents solemnly written in 1864.” Stop and toast 150 years of the Nevada’s State Constitution. For more information, contact Jeff Kintop, 775-684-3410 or email him at For more information, contact Jeff Kintop, 775-684-3410 or email him at

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Phone Number: 775-687-3410