The Duval Ranching Company was started by John William Helth after he was released from the army in 1869. The original 320-acre ranch raised grain, beef cattle, and horses. After William’s death in 1905, the ranch was given to his daughter Grace Helth. Grace later married Simion Duval who continued to work the ranch. Several historic structures are still standing on the ranch, including the original homestead built in the 1870’s, a wash house built around 1900, and a milk shed built in the 1920’s, making the family eligible for the Historic Structures Award. In 2006, Duval Ranching Company was a recipient of the Nevada Centennial Award Ranch & Farm Award.


This entry is from the Nevada Centennial Awards Ranch & Farm Program which recognizes agricultural families who have owned and operated the same land in Nevada for 100 years or more. Forty-seven families have now been inducted into the program that began in 2004. The awards program is sponsored by the Nevada Agriculture Plate funds, Farm Bureau, Agricultural Foundation, Nevada Department of Agriculture, Cattlemen’s Association and USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. For more information about the Nevada Centennial Awards Ranch & Farm Program please visit