Destiny Sunday, 7th Grade, Ely Learning Bridge, Ely

“All for Our Country”

Nevada’s state motto “All for Our Country” is very mysterious. There is no form of documentation on who or why the person came up with it. All we can do as citizens of Nevada, is wonder, “What does our state motto mean?” or “How did the person come up with “All for Our Country”?”

Well, this isn’t about wondering “Why?” it’s about how we earned the motto, “All for Our Country.” This is also about how I think we earned it. I believe we earned it from the Civil War. But I have no proof to back this up, so it’s just another theory on how we got the motto. I can infer this because one of Nevada’s many nicknames is “Battle Born”. So, wouldn’t it make sense if our motto had something to do with a battle/war? Here is my theory.

Twas a dark and gloomy day. Whilst everyone gathered at Carson City for a giant important super-duper amazing meeting, one outcast looking guy slowly walked up the stairs (or whatever) into the building. As he walked in all eyes were on him. “We need a state motto in 10 seconds. Go!” someone said. He thought for a split second before blurting out,”All for Our Country!” Everyone looked surprised. He then became less of an outcast and a hero to our state.

OK so now that I have my theory, we can move onto the second part of this paper. Now this question is, how can I apply this motto to my life, instead of how did our state get the motto “All for Our Country?”

A way I can apply “All for Our Country” in my life is by helping out around the community. You never really see anyone helping old folks take groceries to their car or helping them with other stuff. You usually only see the people who are being paid for doing it, doing it. If you offer this help, it sets an example to younger people. When they get into the habit of it, other people will too, eventually our generation wouldn’t be as messed up.

Another way anyone can apply the motto of Nevada is by volunteering at the Senior Center, or even organizing a bake sale or something to raise money for the community. By doing either of these you can become well known in the community and maybe even inspire others to be like you. You could be someone’s idol, or even hero. You’d be a person someone could look up to. Imagine having the feeling that someone actually looks up to.

By applying the motto “All for Our Country” into our lives, by doing random things in our community, you could be a young person’s hero. You could raise money to help out the community, or you could even send the money to help find the cure for cancer. All it takes is applying something to your life, saying “I’m going to do this,” then following through with it. I know this may sound extremely cliché, but who cares? It’s all true that you could be the person someone looks up to.